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David was a Tenor Vocalist and Hit Recording Star of the 1950's. In a time before Rock 'n' Roll when music was music, there was no heavy metal, rave, pop or electronic thumping beat. Just a pure voice, orchestral accompaniment and beautiful tunes that combined to make music which is preserved in the golden era known as the 'Fabulous Fifties'.

With a string of Chart Hit singles recorded on the DECCA Record label, David became Britains biggest recording star of the mid 1950's. 'Rags to Riches', 'Answer me', 'The Book' and 'My September Love' were some of the songs which contributed to his success and were played on Gramaphones and Dansettes by teenagers of the period.

As a darts enthusiast David was an expert at taking pints off his well-wishers in the local.


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