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This is a small selection of pictures relating to David. Click on the images below for larger versions.

David Whitfield 'Alone'
Record sleeve for 'Alone' which also featured 'Your are too beautiful', 'Wonderful on' and 'Can I forget you'.
David Whitfield fan club membership card.
Every fan would have had one of these...the Fan Club Membership Card.
David Whitfield Volume 2
The sleeve for 'David Whitfield Volume 2' which featured 'The Adoration Waltz', 'If I lost you', 'I'll find you' and 'I'd give you the world'. This was part of a series of 45rpm volumes.

David Whitfield variety show ticket
A typical ticket for his headlining variety shows.

David Whitfield signature
David's signature which was signed literally millions of times to his fans.

Cara Mia single
45rpm single containing the million selling hit 'Cara Mia'.
World of David Whitfield
The photograph as used on the long playing record 'The World Of David Whitfield'.
David Whitfield Ev'rywhere single
The Decca record label that David was signed to. This one for the single 'Ev'rywhere'.
David Whitfield's 'Own Picture Album' magazine featuring the cover photo of him singing for the Queen at the Royal Command Variety show (London Palladium Nov 1st 1954)
David Whitfield's own picture album
The advert for the movie Sea Wife
Advertisement for the film 'Sea Wife' which featured David singing 'I'll find you'.

David and his singing master were experts at table tennis, frequently enjoying a game between lessons.






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